How much do you charge?

The day of your first appointment, we’ll have a consultation and you will be given a base price before we begin your pets’ services.

Prices are subject to change due to pet’s size, condition/length of skin and coat, and your pet’s behavior. We aim to always have good communication with all clients; you’ll be made aware of prices at appointment time.

We charge $70 Per Hour + tax for a full Bath & Brush out (this service does not include any haircutting).

Our Luxury Full Service Groom cost starts at $105+tax.

Add on prices are listed under services. Prices given before appointment are just estimates and are subject to change.

Why does mobile grooming cost more than a shop?

We understand we are priced higher than a traditional grooming salon. We provide a luxury, private one on one sessions for every pet with two groomers, with the convenience of coming directly to our clients. No cage drying and only using the best products on the market.

Due to the nature of our business we understand that our mobile service isn’t for everyone and are always happy to recommend a more competitive priced grooming salon in your area.

Some people focus on price some people focus on service & quality. There’s a groomer that meets every clients specific needs and wants. Let me know if you need a referral happy to help.

Our prices are competitive to the area, with a convenience fee of $25.00 added on for mobile services.

How long is the grooming process?

Timing will really depend on your pet’s disposition and needs. The condition of the coat also plays a factor into timing as well as the size of your best friend.

For basic clips the process is usually about 1-2 hours long. Customized and specific breed clips are 1-3 hours long.

What is the youngest age my dog can be groomed?

We will not see any dogs under 12 weeks. This is usually when puppies get their second set of vaccinations.

Is there a weight limit?

Unfortunately, due to us being mobile we don’t have the capacity to fit every breed. Our weight limit is 100 lbs or less, for our Luxury Full Service Grooming.

For dogs greater than 100 lbs we can offer you our Luxury Full Bathing Service but due to the size of our table we would not be able to any special hair cutting. The weight limit is set so that your pet will always be comfortable and safe in our mobile pet spa. We can offer you a referral to a groomer that better suits your fluffy babies grooming needs.

How long do I wait between grooms?

No longer than 8 weeks. After 8 weeks the coat becomes much more unmanageable for pets and their parents. More matts occur overtime, which are painful for your pet, and can result in a shave-down either by us or the vet, depending on the matting. For this reason we will not book you an appointment if you go over 8 weeks in-between groomings.

Do you express anal glands?

No, we do not, as we believe this should be done under a vet’s supervision or care. Injury can be caused if anal glands are not done properly; therefore we refuse to express them. If we chose to do this service, we would only be able to release the gland externally. Whereas the vet can release the gland internally, which will help your dog more in the long run.

Do you take elderly/special needs dogs?

We most certainly do,(we love to spoil them just a tiny bit more.) This is the beauty of mobile grooming. Due to our salon being small, we are a low volume salon who believes in quality over quantity. We’ll work extra gentle and slowly with your best friend! Due to our ability to work one on one with your pet, at their pace, our full attention will always be on your best friend. We’ll cater to your pet’s every need. Whether it be skin, coat problems, or just simply age, all of our products are 100%  gentle and really get into the coat and down to the skin. We can also provide a 100% hypoallergenic shampoo if your pet has more severe skin issues. The BEST part….your pet will get a nice massage during the bath!

What areas do you service?

We service the following areas Kent County, Washington County, Newport County & Bristol County.

Do you accept dogs with fleas?

Unfortunately we do not, for a few reasons. For the cleanup and sanitization of the van, we would have to charge more due to cleaning and the risk of spreading fleas elsewhere. It is up to all pet parents to inform us if their dog has fleas and to get their dogs treated by the vet 24-48 hours before their appointment. If we unknowingly take in a dog for an appointment that has fleas, we will use a flea shampoo and conditioner. For fleas found on dogs in our care, there will be an added $35.00 charge to your bill, depending on the infestation of your pet. As the client you would be informed of the situation right away.

All of these added charges and requirements are due to the extra products we have to buy to clean and sanitize the entire van to get rid of all of the fleas. Plus we would have to cancel the rest of our appointments that day to clean.

Do you take in skunk dogs?

No, we do not take in skunk dogs unfortunately, due to the cleanup and sanitization of the van. Same as flea dogs, we would have to cancel all the rest of the days’ appointments as well.

The biggest thing about skunks, we would never be able to fully get that smell out of the van! So definitely no skunk dogs please!

Can you de-shed my dog?

We do have de-shedding products that we use for heavily shedding dogs. These appointments for de-shedding will be booked as the last appointment of the day, due to van clean up. The de-shedding treatment is an add-on to our full service grooms. The de-shedding service is an additional price of $50.00.

Will you de-matt my dog?

No, we will not de-matt any severe matting. If we find the matting to be too severe we will send you to the vet, so the vet can safely shave down your dog to start over with a fresh coat. Once your vet has shaved down your dog, we will then take you in 4 weeks  after the shave-down. We’ll then keep you the client,on a 4 week schedule so we can maintain your pet’s coat. This also helps make the grooming process much more enjoyable and easier on your dog!

Can I stay in the van during the groom?

No, due to limited space in the van. Also we’ve found that some dogs who see their owners,during the grooming process, get a little too excited. Excited enough that we can’t get the process done. Plus anyone else in the van is a liability on our insurance.

Can I see the inside of the grooming van?

Absolutely! At the start of our first appointment with you,we will let you tour the van and see our wonderful products after your consultation.

Do you need to hook up to my water/electricity?

No. We run a completely self contained grooming van. Our van runs off an inverter power system which charges from running our diesel engine. We also have water tanks.

Do you accept tips?

Tips are not required, but are very much appreciated!

Tips are not required, but are very much appreciated!

Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, checks, debit & credit cards. We will not send out bills for payment. Payment is due at time of service. There is a $50 bounced check charge.

What is your cancellation policy?

Unless it is an unexpected emergency or your special needs pets is not up for grooming on your appointment day, I request 48 hour notice to avoid the cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is $50 for each dog.

Do you require vaccinations?

For dogs a year old and over, we just require the rabies vaccine, as it is state law. If you have a puppy, dogs under a year must have all puppy vaccinations.

Can you accomodate my busy schedule?

Of course! We are flexible with appointments. Our regulars don’t even have to be home for appointments.

Do you accept dogs that have been sedated?

No we do not. Coming off sedation can lead your dog to confusion and possible aggression. We provide a very peaceful environment in our state of the art grooming van.

If your pet is still too anxious/nervous for grooming and needs sedation, your pet needs to be groomed under a veterinarian’s supervision.

Do you charge extra for special handling?

Yes we do,as this slows down the grooming process and the groomer needs an extra set of hands to help get the process completed.The additional charge for special handling is $25.00 on top of our luxury groom pricing.

Do you groom cats?

Unfortunately, no, we do not. Cats require a different skill set that we are not trained in currently.