Luxury Full Service Grooming


  • Bath and Brush & Hand Dry
  • Ear plucking & clean out the wax
  • Teeth brushing and fresh breath spray
  • All nails will be clipped and filed
  • Customized hair cut
  • Bow, Bow-tie, or Bandana
  • Eau de cologne or Perfume

Bath & Brush Special


  • Everything from Full Service except haircut

Special Clips

  • Breed Clips
  • Puppy Cut
  • FFT (Face, Feet, Tail)
  • Listed Special Clips will only be completed according to the conditions of the dog's skin and coat.
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Add-on Services


up to $75*
  • Puppy's First Spa Experience
  • Make the Fur Fly
  • Paint My Nails
  • Quick Spa Treatment
  • Special Handling

* Taxes are not included in the listed prices. RI charges a 7% sales tax.

Our prices are competitive to the area with a convenience fee of $25 added on for mobile services.

Prices are subject to change due to pet’s size, condition/length of skin and coat, and your pet’s behavior. We aim to always have good communication with all clients; you’ll be made aware of prices at appointment time.